Del Marsh has one priority: Making life better for every person who lives and works in Alabama. This is why he looks at every opportunity to provide a tax cut to our working families. As a conservative leader, Del Marsh is doing exactly what he said he would do: passing tax breaks for thousands of hardworking families across our state. Just last session, Del Marsh ushered in a monumental tax break that gave the people of Alabama the tax break they deserve. Del fought to widen the standard deduction for our families, ultimately giving them the ability to keep more of them money that they earned.

Fighting every day to keep Alabama a leader in industry, education, and innovation, Del Marsh is a pro-business, conservative, Christian leader that Alabamians can count on to hold our government accountable and working for us. As an experienced business owner, Del understands that the people of our great state are the hardest working individuals around. This is why he believes we must create an environment for companies to come to our state and bring strong, high paying, and long-lasting jobs with them.

To bring good jobs there is a need for high quality education. We must prepare our children for the future we are creating for them. We must educate them to be competitive in the workforce not just in our state but around the country. Our children deserve the best we have to offer which is why Del Marsh is standing firm against the bureaucrats in Washington and Montgomery who wish to keep our students in failing schools. Del believes in and has fought for the right of our parents to relocate their children to a better school rather than restrict them based on where they live. In addition to this, Del fought to give our families tax cuts to make it easier for our children in every part of the state to receive a better and more comprehensive education.

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